Academy Researcher Fellow, Gender Studies, Sociology & STS
Tampere University & University of Helsinki

Reproductive Futures

Reproduction is a theme that raises many questions and tensions:

Why are fertility rates in decline across most of the world, and why do people delay family formation? How does the climate change and ecological sustainability configure in our understandings of reproductive justice? What kinds of reproductive technologies will emerge in the future, and what kinds of ethical questions will be raised over such technologies and the fertility industry? Who are permitted to reproduce, and on what terms? Reproductive futures is a project that aims to increase research on and diversify public discussion about reproduction and the apparent paradoxes of reproductive futures. We will focus on the paradoxes of reproductive futures by bringing together leading researchers and perspectives from the fields of – for example – bioethics, demography, gender studies, history and cultural sciences, science and technology studies, sociology, and legal studies. We will also advance dialogue between researchers, NGOs, politicians and journalists.

The project organizes events in which people from different societal sectors discuss the issues concerning reproduction from multiple angles. Follow us on our Internet pages, Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned!

Reproductive futures is funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation’s Argumenta funding, and lead by Associate Professor Mianna Meskus and Academy Research Fellow Riikka Homanen. The project is coordinated by Tampere University.  The researcher’s in the project are members of Finnish Reproductive Studies (FiReSNet) network. In collaboration with: Ilmiö, Monimuotoiset perheet, Perheyhteiskunta.